A Work Based Learning Program at Vital Theatre

“What I learned is I can’t go through my life silent. Everybody has something in them.”
Caitlin Perkins, Grade 11
Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School

“If one adult is inspired, if one child’s imagination is awakened, if one student is empowered, our theatre is important and vital.”

This is the mantra of Vital Theatre’s Arts and Education programs and their mission to create the future work force in arts professions.

Listen to some of those vital voices from Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School and Fordham High School for the Arts who share their experiences as interns in the NYC/Department of Education Work-Based Learning Program (WBL), a practical, hands-on experience teaching workplace etiquette and expectations to prepare students for real jobs in the theater industry — an 8.1 billion industry employing over 130,000 people in the city of New York.

Art and Music professions ARE worth fighting for! Read more…

Did you have a PLAN B? What made you decide to pursue your artistic career?


  1. Hi from Us! This is a wonderful post and I loved reading it

    • drfrances says:

      So glad you enjoyed it!! Please share the link and help get the word out: Should we encourage kids to pursue a PLAN B?

  2. Paula Jacobs says:

    Wonderful work as always, Fran! – Paula Jacobs, Arts/Education Consultant

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