Pilot Episode: First Online With Fran with Angelina Fiordellisi

On November 19th, 2012 First Online With Fran featured Artistic Director and founder of the Cherry Lane Theatre, Angelina Fiordellisi. Listen to her reflect on the work at the Cherry Lane Theatre, most notably the 2013 Mentor Project, among others, and how they contribute to cultivating an urban artist colony, honor its ground-breaking heritage, create theater that illuminates contemporary issues and transforms the human spirit. Click here for more info.


Former Northport teacher impacts students decade after retiring

League of Professional Theatre Frances McGarry taught English and theater in the Northport-East Northport school district until 2004. Her former students include Tony and Emmy winner Edie Falco, a graduate of Northport High School and a star of "The Sopranos" and "Nurse Jackie." Photo Credit: Blanche Mackey Updated June 18, 2016 10:18 AM By Joe Diglio  joe.diglio@newsday.com The biggest piece of advice Frances McGarry gave students over the course of her 30-year teaching career -- take risks and don’t be afraid of failure -- was crystalized in one young man who overcame his fears and found his voice. McGarry said an eighth-grade student she once had was terrified of a public speaking assignment because of a speech impediment. His mother asked that he not participate, but McGarry refused. She worked with him to overcome his barriers. "By the end of the year, he was speaking freely and confidently," McGarry said. The student had revealed himself to be "a bright kid who had a lot to share and was eager to voice his opinions." McGarry, who taught English and theater in the Northport-East Northport Union Free School District until 2004, said she was fortunate to come across many students with whom she could share her passion of literature and the arts. Often, the roles between McGarry and her students reversed. "The honors English classes' literary discussions kept me on my feet and taught me to listen and guide their queries and observations," McGarry said. A decade after … [Read More...]

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Memorial Day 2016

  As we celebrate our bravest of soldiers who gave their ultimate sacrifice to protect our  freedom, I would like you to take some time to reflect on what it means to be An American.  Amid the bitterness and rancor of the 2016 Elections. . . How haveThe Arts ( Dance, Theatre, Music, Photography, Graphic Arts) prompt […]


VOTES! Whatever They Cost!

There are two common ways to think of art: some consider it to be an expression of what is original and unusual in human thinking; Aristotle, on the other hand, argues that that art is ‘imitative,’ that is to say, representative of life. This imitative quality fascinates Aristotle. He devotes much of the Poetics to […]


Best advice of the evening offered by these backstage pros: “Gather the women around you!” And we did.  And we shall. The League of Professional Theatre Women’s Networking Committee leaped forward February 29, 2016 to a packed house honoring Broadway’s UNSUNG HEROES: BACKSTAGE PROFESSIONALS  at TheatreLab 6-8 pm with star panelists: Carey Bertini (Broadway dresser); […]

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Unsung Heroes: Backstage Professionals

Monday, February 29, 2016, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM TheatreLab 357 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor Unsung Heroes: Backstage Professionals Beyond the Spotlight ~ Career Choices in the Theater Learn from the backstage pros. Designers, Stage Hands, Sound Engineers, Dressers, Hair & Make-up Artists The women who make it happen! Hear their success stories and […]


Sound Bites 3.0 Festival 10 Musicals – One Night Only!

Friend What Are You Waiting For? I will be performing in the new musical comedy WE HAVE APPLES as the Nurse January 18th 7 pm 47th Street Theater! It’s a 10-minute showcase that will be sure to please.  Hope you can make it! Stay tuned for a First Online With Fran interview with Rachel Griffin. […]

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Testimonial #47: Katherine Elliot, Actor/Producer The Tempest Ladies

How has your life been indelibly touched by a teacher who utilized the arts for whatever reason and acknowledge how they were instrumental in breaking the mold to allow you to become who you are today? Being artistic is just sort of in my blood, so I guess I was born with a broken mold. […]

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