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Bunny Yan: Fashion Edutainer With fashion being the 2nd biggest polluter, we need to consumeand produce smarter. Guess what? The solutions exist, now we needto implement! Through this series, I want to show the potential that’s all around us, give a stage to the visionaries and give a great cause to stand behind for those who already have amplifiers.Fun story-telling that inspire the masses to embrace positive changeis my vision. You can connect with Bunny and watch her fun IGTV fashion series on Over the last 20+ years working in sustainable fashion, Bunny Yan has established herself as one of the leading experts in sustainability and upcycling.Bunny was invited to the White House (Obama) and addressed the UN on ocean plastic. She consults some of the best-known brands, and gives presentations/interviews allover the world to organizations like Forbes & Sustainable Brands Conference. insta: @soobunny  You can connect with Bunny and watch her fun IGTV fashion series on Instagram channel IGTV March Hare Media + Wheatsheaf Studio Productions … [Read More...]

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Maggie Stern: Sock Art Celebrates the “Sole” of America

My socks celebrate women who have changed the world for the better and never gave up fighting for what they believed in: justice, honor, the right to vote, equal rights. I started with a stitched design featuring Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who I wanted to honor because she is one of the great champions of equality […]

Valerie David: The Pink Hulk, a One-Woman Warrior’s survival story from cancer

  Put on your Super Hero Cape when you listen to Valerie David’s podcast: The Pink Hulk, a One-Woman Warrior’s survival story from cancer. But her show is NOT just about cancer; it is about conquering our fears, our anxieties, our despair during the pandemic and removing our metaphorical masks to voice the racial injustices […]

Aizzah Fatima airing her “Dirty Paki Lingerie”

  So, what’s a young Muslim woman born in Saudi Arabia, raised as a US citizen in Mississippi, only to defy all the odds by moving to NYC to become a one-woman sensation in her highly- acclaimed show Dirty Paki Lingerie? Listen in to her airing an authentic assessment of how women, women of color, […]

The Calamari Sisters: A Recipe for Coping with the Coronavirus

Feeling trapped during the COVID-19 self-quarantine? Here’s a pair of Italian Sisters, Delphine and Carmela, cooking up concoctions that will soothe your soul. Listen to their hilarious spin of how The Arts (and food) can cure what ails ya!  The Calamari Sisters bill themselves as the only all-singing, all-dancing, all-cooking cooking show around.  Delphine & […]

Coping with Covid-19: Just Get Messy!

An interview with children’s author Rita Meade The impact of reading out loud books to kids is transformative in so many different ways.  Children respond differently to the “messy message” and extrapolate solutions for Edward’s dilemma. Covid-19 has changed our lives forever; in fact, it could be devastating. But Rita Meade’s prescient message in her […]

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There’s No Place Like Art!

First Online With Fran’s First Podcast There’s No Place Like Art… The Arts are imperative — a life journey, a life experience that is like no other.  The Arts brings people together all in one space.  The plays I’ve written have touched lives — they’ve changed lives and that’s what Art does. ~Dan McCormick, Playwright […]

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