2013 NYC Primary Election Day

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 10th, is primary election day here in New York City. The results could have a significant impact on the education of New York City’s 1.1 million schoolchildren.

As part of a coalition of more than 40 arts, education and child advocacy organizations, The Center for Arts Education has spent the last several months meeting with the candidates and their staff to talk about the importance of arts education and creative learning for our city’s schoolchildren…and building support for policies that would support the expansion of arts education in city schools.

We have been encouraged by what we’ve heard.

Before you head to the polls, we encourage you to hear what they have to say for yourself. Read the responses to the NYC Arts in Education Candidate Survey Project for the following key races:
Office of Mayor
Manhattan Borough President and Queens Borough President
Office of Comptroller
As turnout in municipal elections is typically significantly less than in federal election years, your vote on Tuesday is magnified and can help play a role in selecting the city’s next leader. And with your continued support and engagement we can help expand access to quality arts instruction.

Polling places are open on Tuesday from 6AM to 9PM. For more information on the candidates and voting process, check out the NYC Campaign Finance Board Primary Election Voting Guide.

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