What kind of humanistic or evolutionary programs do you see related to the arts that could make a difference in our educational system?

Georgina Galanis, Responds:

Over the past 40 years, Dr. Susan Mintz-Bello, Director of Organization for the Arts and Whole Brain Learning has passionately taught, researched, written about, and created The I.am.I™ Method of Spontaneous Painting. It is a labor of love.

Susan received her PhD in Expressive Therapy and The Psychology of Art from the Union Institute, Cinn., Ohio, her M.A. in Humanistic Psychology from California State College, Sonoma, and her B.A. in Education and History from New York University. She is a certified Biodanza facilitator, group psychoanalyst, licensed art therapist, and spiritual activist.

She initiated her studies and research into the potentials of human consciousness from 1971 – 1974 in India, studying Vipassana meditation, yoga, Buddhism, and Hinduism. During these years of and her spiritual journey she lived with Tibetan refugees in Northern India and Nepal learning carpet weaving.

From 1980 until 1985 she lived in Indonesia and Singapore and studied painting. She founded the International Women’s Artist Association of Singapore and participated in various group exhibits with other members of this association. In 1985 – 2000 she lived in Brasília, Brazil developing her work in Art Therapy. She founded and directed the Center of Creation, in Pirenópolis, Brazil where she conducted workshops in Spontaneous Painting. Dr. Bello is the author of the book Painting Your Soul: a method to develop the creative personality, published in Brazil, in its 3rd edition. She is currently writing Reawakening the Colors of Life, to be published in the United   States.

Currently residing in New York City, Dr. Bello founded and directs the non-for-profit The Organization for the Arts and Whole Brain Learning. The goal of the organization is to offer training programs in The Spontaneous Painting Process, for facilitators working in education, business, hospitals, and prisons. She conducts workshops, courses and training programs in The I.am.I Process at in Brazil and the United States.

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