Testimonial #18: Georgina Galanis

Georgina Galanis, The COLORS of LIFE, Creativity Consultant Creative Life Design

How has your life been indelibly touched by a teacher who utilized the arts for whatever reason and acknowledge how they were instrumental in breaking the mold to allow you to become who you are today?

I was acknowledged and “seen” for the first time by my Fashion Arts, Production, Design & Merchandising Teacher– Mrs. Sylvia Fox. She was enthusiastic, creative, a forward thinker ahead of her time, and allowed me to be unique in her class — in fact, she encouraged each of us to find and express our own style and imprint. We became friends during and following my 3 years with her and I was invited back to speak to her new class about my own experiences and career (then in my early twenties as a clothing buyer for an upscale privately owned high fashion store). We remained dear friends and she asked me to accompany her students as a mentor to New York City to visit the Fashion schools that could be choices in their college selection.

She influenced me in that she treated my work and my spirit with respect, and inspired me to grow — Her life was shortened by pancreatic cancer when she was in her early 40’s and I remain forever saddened by the loss of an incredible lady and teacher who changed my life.

As the founder of The Colors of Life concept: a progressively expanding lens of compassionate awareness from which to view and manifest creative potentials , I have integrated my background in design, art and spirituality as a Creativity Consultant and Sacred Space Ensemblier, guiding non profits and individuals to deeper expression and authenticity in life and work.  

How are the arts re-igniting your community and sparking innovation and creativity in your local schools?

Teach the teachers the I.am.I method of Spontaneous Painting….how to use the gifts you were born with –your Innate Authentic Multiple Intelligence. Art technique is not a focus with this method yet it uses non judgmental expression through the act of painting. In addition empathic listening, safe space interactive sharing, movement and meditation is applied to release suppressed creative energies and view new perspectives.  This method can then be applied to any subject, in any class, to any willing student, any age group worldwide.

Creative self-expression is a natural human gift we ALL can develop if given the opportunity. Whole Brain Learning programs, such as spontaneous painting, provide people – from the advantaged to the homeless, and populations with or without special needs – with effective tools to develop their innate authentic Self. When large numbers of people actualize their authentic Self, they align with their unique potentials, life direction, and develop their I.am.I. Together, as each individual emboldens their inner greatness, we form a critical mass and, there will be an evolutionary breakthrough in human consciousness.

Learn more about facilitators and teachers training courses–From the Organization for the Arts and Whole Brain Learning

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