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Me? Collect Art? WHY?

Art is not just for collectors. Everyone, young and old, can have an appreciation for creative expression visible through paintings, sculptures, photography and the like.

According to ArtpriceTM, the world leader in art market information, $11.57 billion dollars was generated globally from the sale of art in 2011.This represents an increase of $2 billion dollars from the previous year.While there are many collectors who have a strong appreciation for art, they also consider it an investment. Read more…

Gem Magazine Long Island.

Gem Magazine Long Island

Be sure to see what’s smART about The Huntington Arts Council in the August issue of GEM Magazine.  Executive Director, Diana Cherryhomes shares how The Arts continue to flourish in the town of Huntington. Just click on the link and see why…

Gem Magazine Long Island

Women in the Arts

Read FIRST ONLINE WITH FRAN’S interview with Marla Lewis, Long Island’s Grammy-winning songwriter published in the May issue of GEM Magazine!

“I never expected to win a Grammy,” says Wantagh award-winning singer/songer, Marla Lewis.  “I just love to write songs that teach, entertain, and sometimes raise a smile.  I’m really proud of my work.”  Read more…
Gem Magazine Long Island

GEM Magazine April 2012

Olivia Bouler: Taking Flight

Read about why twelve-year-old Olivia Bouler believes The Arts are not only the conduit through which she channels her energy and enthusiasm for her causes, but also a respite for coping with her emerging adolescence.

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First Online With Fran Featured in GEM Magazine