Bunny Yan: Fashion Edutainer


With fashion being the 2nd biggest polluter, we need to consume
and produce smarter. Guess what? The solutions exist, now we need
to implement! 
Through this series, I want to show the potential that’s all around us, give a stage to the visionaries and give a great cause to stand behind for those who already have amplifiers.
Fun story-telling that inspire the masses to embrace positive change
is my vision.


You can connect with Bunny and watch her fun IGTV fashion series on  www.instagram.com/sooobunny

Over the last 20+ years working in sustainable fashion, Bunny Yan has established herself as one of the leading experts in sustainability and upcycling.
Bunny was invited to the White House (Obama) and addressed the UN on ocean plastic. She consults some of the best-known brands, and gives presentations/interviews all
over the world to organizations like Forbes & Sustainable Brands Conference.

insta: @soobunny 

You can connect with Bunny and watch her fun IGTV fashion series on  www.instagram.com/sooobunny

Instagram channel




March Hare Media + Wheatsheaf Studio Productions marchharemedia.com

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