Testimonial #15: Laurie Vega

Testimonial #15:  Laurie Vega,  Office Manager of Star Management

How has your life been indelibly touched by a teacher who utilized the arts for whatever reason and acknowledge how they were instrumental in breaking the mold to allow you to become who you are today?

A teacher that touched my life….. is Mrs. Ext (yes that was her real name.) Mrs. Ext was THE premier voice teacher at the High School of Music & Art when I attended from’79-’82. This was my first introduction to formal vocal training and she was no one to mess with. If you wanted to sing, she was going to make you the best singer you could be. If you were there to waste her time – you were OUT! No nonsense. All the students respected her and knew that with her leadership they would go far. And amazingly, she taught how to sing without actually singing herself. Amazing! I later got to hear her sing and she was an amazing opera singer but no one knew what she sounded like – she just had a magical way of making you sound like you – not her. Mrs. Ext was the best, prime example of what a truly outstanding professor is made of: tough stuff but who gets the job done, hands down! And [someone] who you never ever forget.

How are the arts re-igniting your community and sparking innovation and creativity in your local schools?

The arts are re-igniting my community by…. getting folks back in the game who have been off stage and out of the loop since high school. I manage to organize a one-woman show at least 4 times a year for myself and each time I do my best to reignite that fire that some of my fellow classmates lost over the years. I’ve managed to get some folks back on stage and now they’ve caught the fever. Being on stage, even for just an hour, in front of your friends family and peers is just the most incredibly liberating feeling!!

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