The deadline for the submission of applications will be 11:59 PM Thursday, April 30, 2015
Award winners will be announced by September 2015

The Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, Inc. will present the 2015 Collaboration Award recognizing Women Working with Women.  The $1,000 Collaboration Award and additional honorable mentions are designed to encourage professional women in the arts and media from different specializations to work collaboratively on the creation of a new artistic work. As the aim of the award is to encourage women to work collaboratively with women of other disciplines, each collaborative team must be comprised of female members of different Coalition associations, unions, guilds and affiliates of The Coalition. Eligible teams may submit any form of creative collaboration on a new work that had its first public performance within the last two years 2013-2015. A Public Performance can include, but is not limited to a staged reading, gallery show, screenings, concert series, etc.

Submissions will be judged on the basis of artistic excellence, diversity, and clarity. All topics and subjects will be considered. Special attention shall be given to those projects which reflect the goals of the Coalition: to advance women’s work and women’s issues.

The team that has been selected and the honorable mentions will be invited to be recognized at an awards ceremony in New York in October 2015. Women outside of New York may send a designee to speak about their project and accept the award.

Teams of two or more women working together on the creative project may apply for the 2015 Collaboration Award. Applicants must be members in good standing of two different organizations and/or affiliates with The Coalition. Those organizations are: Actors’ Equity Association, Dramatists Guild, League of Professional Theatre Women, New York Women in Film & Television, Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, Writers’ Guild of America, East. Affiliate member organizations are: WomenArts, Women Make Movies, Women’s Media Center, Works by Women, The Rehearsal Club, Dancers Over 40, Professional Women Singers Association, The Drama Desk, The Lambs, Inc., and National Theatre Conference.

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Quotes from Past Winners:

“We are so honored to be accepting this award. One of the best aspects
of making this very unconventional film was working together.
We are two women who brought different skills sets to the table.
We got it done using our creativity, mutual respect for one another,
quality Skype-time with our families back home, plain old hard work,
and as much good humor as we could muster. It means the world
to us to have our film embraced by an organization that celebrates
women in collaboration.”

Jane Edith Wilson and Grace Lee, 2013 Winners

“It was an honor for Stefanie and I to receive the Collaboration Award.

It came at a critical moment for the development of Electric Baby as

the award supported our work together on two developmental

workshops and our world premiere production of the play at Quantum

Theatre in Pittsburgh. Not only did this award support our work

financially, it gave our collaboration recognition in the field. Stefanie

continues to be a key collaborator of mine on subsequent projects

and having our relationship recognized publicly is invaluable.”

Daniella Topol, Director, 2011 Winner

“New work needs momentum. It’s simply not a reality that a play can

be written in the attic and then magically find a production. Or that one

production will lead to a second or third production. People need to

hear about work. They need to hear about the artists who make the work.

There is no question that this award not only helped The Electric Baby

become a better play, but it gave the baby a life.”

Stefanie Zadravec, Playwright, 2011 Winner

“The Collaboration Award’s encouragement of women working together
is terrific. It made all the difference in providing my collaborator and I

with the time and support we needed to create a complex and dynamic

theatre work.”

Kristin Marting, Director, 2008 Winner

“The evening of the Collaboration Awards was imbued with theatrical

magic. Wendy directed an excerpt from my play, Birds, that captured

the spirit of the play with great response from a wildly supportive audience.

Birds is the third play of mine that we worked on together. It was a beautiful

jumping off point for us in our process. It provided the opportunity for us

to mine even deeper in our exploration of the world of this complicated play,

and the support, enthusiasm and appreciation of this body of amazing

women helped carry us through to the next step of our artistic journey.”

– Jen Maisel, Playwright, 2006 Winner






WOMEN IN THE ARTS AND MEDIA COALITION vector fileThe Women in the Arts & Media Coalition is producing VintAge, one of its two Signature Events, supporting the voice and vision of women in the arts & media as they age, on Saturday, October 18, from 1-5:30 p.m. at MIST Harlem.


The 1st Elsa Rael VintAge Award Winner for advocacy for women in the arts & media as they age will be presented to Morgan Jenness, dramaturg & agent, for spearheading the cause célèbre that has protected Maria Irene Fornes and her playwriting work in her elder years. The award will be presented by Tisa Chang, artistic director of Pan Asian Rep. There will also be pre-taped personal statements made about Elsa Rael and the importance of celebrating women in the arts and media as they age by Estelle Parsons and Gretchen Cryer.


It will be an afternoon both entertaining and illuminating, beginning with the new documentary ADVANCED STYLE by Lina Plyoplyte, the story behind the fashion blog which became an international phenomenon (70 minutes); and JUST THE THREE OF US, a short film by Angela Tucker starring Leslie Uggams (15 minutes).


Following will be a panel on breakthroughs and issues of women aging in the arts and media moderated by Isa Goldberg, President of the Drama Desk; panelists include Barbara Davis, COO of the Actors Fund, Liz Rosenberg, poet/novelist; Yvonne Curry, choreographer/director, and more.


The award presentation will then be followed by a reception and networking. Hosts for the day will be Co-Presidents of the Coalition, Shellen Lubin and Avis BooneRead more…

Hillary Rodham Clinton, then a U.S. Senator from New York, wrote for that first program: “My hope for every woman in the 21st Century is that she will be blessed with choice and empowered with the tools of opportunity to make the most of her God-given talents. She will be free to pursue her own vision in the world of work, in the public sphere, in the political process and to build loving and strong families at home. Her voice will be heard; her concerns will be followed.”


Celebrants at past VintAge events have included Lainie Kazan, Phyllis Newman, Tina Howe, Marian Seldes, Lynn Ahrens, Anita Gillette, and Lesley Gore.


VintAge is co-sponsored by NYWIFT (New York Women in Film and Television), SAG-AFTRA, the Dramatists Guild, and the League of Professional Theatre Women. All four of these organizations are members of the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition.


Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, Inc. is a non-profit organization, which represents more than 80,000 women and men in the performing arts and media through its member organizations and affiliates. The Coalition focuses the power of its member organizations and their memberships together and uses the combined strength to address issues of concern through advocacy, networking, and educational events. Member organizations are: Actors’ Equity Association, Dramatists Guild of America, League of Professional Theatre Women, SAG-AFTRA New York Local, Stage Directors and Choreographers, New York Women in Film & Television, and the Writers Guild of America, East. Affiliate organizations are: WomenArts, Women’s Media Center, Women Make Movies, Works by Women, Drama Desk, Dancers Over 40, The Lambs, Inc., The Rehearsal Club, and Professional Women Singers Association. For more information on the Coalition, visit


MIST Harlem is located at 46 West 116th Street, in the heart of central Harlem, steps from the IRT #2 and #3 train.  MIST Harlem is guided by the essential philosophy of using select environmentally sustainable materials which minimize consumption of resources, improve air quality, reduce energy consumption, preserve resources for future generations while providing an inviting and compelling, contemporary space. Largely hired from the Harlem community and beyond, staff is cross-trained in hospitality, efficient operations, marketing and promotions and technical production services to develop a team that excels in customer service, cultural resonance and community engagement. MIST offers a unique, dining and entertainment experience in an environmentally responsible, inviting and compelling, contemporary setting.