DEAR MOM is coming to NYC!

JUNE Dear Mom picture written by Jay Falzone & Nancy Holson
Based on actual letters written by real daughters to their mothers

Theater For The New City
Cino Theatre
155 First Avenue (between 9th & 10th Streets)
New York, NY 10003


Thursday, July 10 6PM

Friday, July 11 12PM & 8PM

Saturday, July 12 2PM & 8PM

Sunday, July 13 3PM



In the near corner:  Linda, a 45-year old control freak with mommy issues.

In the far corner:  Joan, her feisty mother, on her way out but not without a fight.

Two women who know exactly how to push each other’s buttons.

One last grudge match.

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At the Top of Our Lungs

Give aBuck!
Asmany of you know, I launched my website to advocate for the arts; in addition,I am an ardent women’s activist and do my best to empower women of allages.  The cast from The Vagina Monologues  andsome new talent joined together to create a new show At The Top of Our Lungs, alively production aimed at tackling stereotypes that women confront.
On that note, if you careabout making a difference then GIVE A BUCK and do something!  If every family member and friend donates ONE DOLLARthen it will help promote our cause and meet expenses (naturally, if you cangive more, well, please do…)
It’s easy and quick. All you have to do is click hereto donate your buck: 
Thank you for your support.Spread the word!
Atthe Top of Our Lungs
AnUncensored Collection of Scenes, Songs and Monologues
Raising Money and Empowering Womenin the Arts
Directed by Andrea Bertola
Performance Dates:
December 8th at 7:00pm
December 10th at 9:30pm
December 11th at 3:00pm
At the Triad Theater

Our Mission:

We believe womenshould be provided with an enriching environment to nurture and generate newideas. To accomplish this goal, we have organized theatrical events to giveevery day women a creative outlet to increase awareness, raise money andrevitalize the spirit of local organizations that empower under-served women& girls. We have fun crafting cutting-edge theatre while giving back to thecommunity. Sounds like a win-win to us!
Our Show:
The cast from The Vagina Monologues andsome new talent joined together to create a new show At The Top of Our Lungs,a lively production aimed at tackling stereotypes that women confront. It’shysterical and heartwarming, sassy and uplifting. This show is an eclectic mixfeaturing pop songs, Broadway favorites, spoken word poetry, monologues,burlesque and more! Grab a table with friends, enjoy some cocktails and beentertained by this insanely talented cast.