Pilot Episode: First Online With Fran with Angelina Fiordellisi

On November 19th, 2012 First Online With Fran featured Artistic Director and founder of the Cherry Lane Theatre, Angelina Fiordellisi. Listen to her reflect on the work at the Cherry Lane Theatre, most notably the 2013 Mentor Project, among others, and how they contribute to cultivating an urban artist colony, honor its ground-breaking heritage, create theater that illuminates contemporary issues and transforms the human spirit. Click here for more info.

Children Respond To Globalism Through Art With A Message Of Peace

These kids are expressing a powerful message of solidarity through their art. Aaron Barksdale Voices Editorial Fellow, The Huffington Post  "Art can be a powerful tool in expressing emotion as well as healing; this project has had a positive effect on our students," said Lisa Nowicki, director of fine arts at Léman. " On Monday Lahuerte gathered her students to start a discussion, beginning each class with one simple question: "What happened this weekend?" With each group of students, their first answer was the same: "Paris." According to Laheurte, the students had the expected reactions to the attacks. "The most common one-word shares were: horrible, shocked, upset, speechless, sad, angry, scared," she said. Laheurte and Robinson provided their students with opportunities to express their feelings, and led conversations surrounding global awareness. Lahuerte said it was important for her to explain to her students that terrorism is a worldwide issue, and that Lebanon, Baghdad, and Syria were also impacted. After their discussion, the students were allowed to use any material to respond to the following prompt: "If you could share or express anything with those who were directly affected by any of these tragedies, what might you say, or show?" Read more... … [Read More...]

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Georgia Stitt: Her Need to Tell. . . through Music

Her love of literature coupled with a flair for creating her own melodies as a child pianist coalesced into becoming the career choice for composer/lyricist Georgia Stitt.  “I have always been a musician.  When I was seven years-old, I remember trying to play Bach and then [wanting to] improve it.”  Her innate talent to invent […]

Making Music: The League of Professional Theatre Women Networking Event

TAKE IT AWAY!  captures the passion and promise of this event to represent the mission of The League:  an advocacy organization; a support system for women in theatre; a center for the exchange of information and skills that women can utilize in their careers; a means of linking women in the professional theatre; a forum for […]

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League of Professional Theatre’s NETWORKING MONDAYS; Meet the Music Makers!

In our continuing effort to develop and promote women in the professional theatre  we invite you to . . . NETWORKING MONDAYS  Insights, Information, and Inspiration Join your colleagues, expand your networks, bring a potential new member! Monday, October 5, 2015, 6pm-8pm Meet the Music Makers: Composers & Lyricists and Special Guests discussing the Creative, Legal, […]


An interview with…Cheryl Navo, Playwright LIE OF OMISSION, World Premiere Play

“As a female playwright I believe strongly that I need to concentrate on writing good, strong roles for women.  For each play I write, I’ve made a personal commitment to myself to never allow the male roles to outnumber or outshine the female roles.  I hope that inspires other women to advance the roles of […]

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The Power of Words…and Girls

Deanna Lee Become a fan Huff Post IMPACT What’s Working Posted: 07/29/2015 6:22 pm EDT Updated: 07/30/2015 1:59 pm EDT On a warm summer evening in Bedford, New York, surrounded by rolling hills and a warm audience of supporters, the girls introduced themselves, in all their diversity and honesty: “I’m yellow.” “I’m white.” “I’m caramel.” […]

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Testimonial #47: Katherine Elliot, Actor/Producer The Tempest Ladies

How has your life been indelibly touched by a teacher who utilized the arts for whatever reason and acknowledge how they were instrumental in breaking the mold to allow you to become who you are today? Being artistic is just sort of in my blood, so I guess I was born with a broken mold. […]

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